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In an effort to reduce lurking, bloggers worldwide are encouraged to comment on five (count them, 5) different blogs today--that's December 3, 2008. If you are not a perenial lurker (you comment on your friends' blogs) you are asked to make at least two of the five are blogs on which you've never posted a comment.

For those who are unsure about making a comment, all you have to do is click on the comment link at the end of a post you're interested in and follow the instructions to join the conversation. Most people in the blogosphere make it easy for you to participate in their thought processes. So, welcome to the world wide web.

I'm off to make some rounds.

HT: John Smulo

Update -- Just so you know, here's my five for today (I may comment more, but these are the ones I've hit for BCD):

  1. Of course I had to comment at SmuloSpace. After all I found the fun at his place. (Frequent reader, occasional commenter)
  2. Pickle-osophy -- I found a great Advent poem at this new (to me) site.
  3. Gabbatha Ministries Blog -- Josh is a long-time blog friend who comments here from time to time, as I do on his site.
  4. Ramblings -- This is a super photo blog that I visit often, and only occasionally comment on.
  5. Bookish Adventures of Bibliomom -- another new blog for me, but one I should find interesting given my love for all things Book.

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Okay, I'm commenting.

8:36 AM

Thanks for mentioning this and for commenting on my blog! I blogged on Bibliomom's blog too.

11:06 AM

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