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It's hard for me to believe that I found this before it made it to Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine (so I probably just overlooked it there [update: as I suspected, Bill was up on this story when it first came out--see the comments section]), but the Blushing Bride alerted me to the release of a new Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe. Interestingly enough, Crowe seems to be taking his role as the outlaw of Sherwood Forest seriously. Read about it here.

First we had Gladiator which skyrocketed Crowe into the hearts of a majority of American women; then there was Master and Commander (Gladiator on the High Seas as I have affectionately dubbed it); now I guess we'll be treated to Gladiator in the Big Woods. Schedule for release is claimed for 2010. You be the judge.

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Hey, I had this a year ago!

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Thought so.

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