Like most awards in the world of blog, the Deer Cupcake Award is really another disguise for the dreaded meme. But I won one!!! So, what else could I do but participate (thanks to my e-friend David Kirk over at Frogtown for the acknowledgement). And here are the rules for accepting this prestigious honor:

  • I must answer all the following questions on this blog,
  • I must replace one question I dislike with a question of mine own invention,
  • and then I must add one additional question. Eventually, some poor blogger, who seeks to accept this award, will wind up having to answer a hundred questions, huh? But not today!
And heeeeeere we go--

1). What is your current obsession?
Usage—it’s been an obsession for a long time. It’s why I occasionally include the “Word Police” category on this blog. It’s also why I get aggravated with big
house publishers who should know better but crank out books full of those pesky typos that were missed by the spell/grammar check software since all the line editors were “let go” for financial reasons. So much for integrity.

2). Where are you right now?
Mulberry Grove—look it up.

3). Coffee or tea?
Depends on the mood: coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon . . . unless we’re talking about ice cream.

4).What’s one of your favorite movies?

All-time: It’s a Wonderful Life (no secret with my love of Christmas) – but recently I was really moved by Fireproof.

5). What’s one thing you’re looking forward to?
Pastors & Wives retreat with my Blushing Bride—in Branson!!!! Thanks for keeping the kids Mom & Dad!

6). Who was your childhood crush?
I remember Mary Ann was so much more beautiful than Ginger.

7). What is your (current) favorite Song?
The old hymns “Fairest Lord Jesus” and “Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting”.

8). What would you like to get rid of?
15 pesky pounds, but they just act as if they’re here to stay.

9). What’s your favorite book?
Grisham’s A Time to Kill. It’s his first, but still his best.

10). Why did you start your blog?
I needed an outlet to write. I then started a more ministry-related blog, and finally started my book review blog (check them out).

11). If money was not an issue, what is one thing you would purchase for yourself?
A big, big house—part of which would be my family’s living
space, part of which would house a quiet study with all the latest equipment and books for me to do some serious writing, and part of which would be home to the best used bookstore around.

12). If you could live in a foreign country, which one would you choose?
Ukraine—specifically, Crimea . . . Been there, done that, would love to do it again.

13). What is one trait about yourself that you wish you could change?
I have a tendency to procrastinate, but I’ll stop that tomorrow.

14). Chocolate of choice?
Mocha-flavored Blue Bell

15). What is one thing you've changed your mind about in the last ten years? Dr Pepper (used to abhor the stuff, now I can’t get enough)

16). What is one thing you've changed your mind about in the last ten days? I know everything. Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

17) If you had to choose between books and movies and could only read or view one or the other the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Books are imagination builders—movies, imagination binders. Which would you choose?

18) What’s something from your childhood that brings fond memories? Slush Mug! This was great fun--and now I find that you can still get one. If anyone is listening, I've got a birthday coming up! (Red or Blue is fine ;))

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Benjie: Excellent answers! We visited the Dublin Dr. Pepper plant this past Thanksgiving -- way too sweet for daily consumption, though!

11:30 PM

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