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A couple of years ago, I posted some pictures of a unique Egyptian Nativity the Blushing Bride gave me when we first got married. If you click the link, you'll also get to enjoy an old seminary joke about exegesis ('extra Jesus'). The old wit says, "Extra Jesus -- we don't need no 'extra Jesus!'"

The joke is funny, and makes a point for the Christian community--we don't need any more Messiahs crawling out of the woodwork.

But as this holiday season barrels on around us, I think perhaps that many of us do need a little extra Jesus. Certainly we don't need another savior, but perhaps it would be good for us to exhibit a little more of the one we have in our daily activities.

What do you think? Could you spare a little extra Jesus in your holiday cheer this year?

(btw, This Nativity won the prized 'underneath the tree' spot this year)

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