Word Police (Spelling edition)  

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I just had to run a quick post because I saw it again! Someone who should have--somewhere along the line--received some sort of education en route to their present condition, and they still cannot spell the word definitely (note: the infraction also occurs with other variations of the word, as in definite, indefinite, and the like).

The culprit here is an abusive 'a'. Yes, 'a' is the first letter of the alphabet, but does that mean that he has any right to shove 'i' around. After all, when 'i' stands alone it is personal, it is capital, it is 'I'. So, get your spelling primer out and remember to take note that definite (and all of it's cohorts) is NOT definate!

Thanks for your support.

P.S. I noticed that my spell-checker understood the correct spelling of the word--why not turn yours on?

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