Ode to Leap-Day  

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In a conversation the other day, the discussion led to those who are born on Leap-Day. That special segment of the population who won't get to celebrate their birthday this year because we don't have a Leap-Day this year. I think there are some benefits, though:

  • Taking advantage of minor pricing when the rest of us have to stop early.
  • Being able to live with your parents without worries (you can say, "I'm only 9 years old").
  • Not having to grow up.
  • Sharing your birthday with Superman.

Happy birthday to those of you who don't have a day to yourselves.

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Just stopping by to say, Hi! It's been a while since I did much visiting of other people's blogs. But now that I'm not reading my fiancée's theology texts anymore [that course is over], I have more time. :)

I wonder if Leap Year February 29 people feel cheated in any way because their birthdays only come once every four years.

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