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Those of you who are big Crichton fans will surely wnat to read this book. The writing is readable and the chapters are short helping the narrative to flow.
There are so many story lines that it is hard to keep them separated. Then, you want to know how they all fit together. The one unifying theme in the book is genetics. It is interesting to follow the lives of two or three transgenic characters like Dave the "Monkeyboy" and Gerard the talking bird.
Readers will find everything from courtroom drama to conspiracy to action-filled chase scenes. The loose connection between all of the stories can get in the way, especially when you find yourself getting into one of the story lines only to have it disappear for thirty or forty pages. New characters and story lines are still being introduced two-thirds of the way into the book.
Next is engaging enough to keep your attention, but scattered enough to frustrate you as you read. Like the human genome, it is complicated and intricate, and at times fascinating.

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