What?! I Missed Valentine's Day?  

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Valentine's Day was two days ago, and while I did post some, I forgot all about the holiday.

First for the excuses,

  • We were enjoying the fruits of our first real snow since moving to Illinois. The kids and I made a snowman (actually, since the snow wouldn't stick together we made a snow mound and stuck sticks in it for arms and a nose, put a hat on it and called it snowman), snow angels, and had a snow fight. No time for warm and fuzzy holidays.
  • I had to spend some time in a nearby town--one of the kids' vitamin drops had run out and I had to get it refilled. Plus, while I was out it was a good time to pick up Hannah's gift. Before lambasting me, you'll need to know that I'd been looking for two weeks for the right gift (using her suggestions as my guide) and found nothing. I did find something I liked--a beautifully decorated tea service (teapot, cream pitcher, sugar bowl, and serving tray). I waited to buy it hoping to find something from the list. When all else fails, go with your instinct, buy the tea set, and enjoy the happy sounds coming from the wife. Besides, the lady at the store offered to wrap it for me so that it looked beautiful before and after she opened the package.

  • I struggled with whether or not to call off midweek services at the church because of the weather (some of us have to work even if it is a holiday). We finally decided that because the service would be after the sun went down allowing for the melted snow to turn to slick, hard ice, it would be best not to endanger people on their way back home from the church.

I must admit that I was surprised by my gift, but also that my wife knows me. She got me volume one of the Ultimate Edition of James Bond. Five classic Bond films on DVD. Haven't viewed it yet, but I'm looking forward.

So, after putting the kids to bed, Hannah and I celebrated by eating up the last of the leftover snow ice cream (made the day before when the snow was fresh).

Hope you all had a LOVE-ly Valentine's Day. Tell me about it.

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