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As a result of an emergency in our services (God is working always), I was only able to complete one point of my sermon. The topic was “Second Chances” reminding us all that we have opportunity after opportunity to say Yes to Jesus. He makes it clear that those second chances are His determination and not ours. We are never to stop sharing until our mortality wins out. At the same time, it is when mortality wins out that the second chances cease altogether.

For those who simply must complete all the blanks I am including the completed worksheet for you:

Take Advantage of Second Chances
Jonah 3:1-10

I. God desires for believers to serve him.
1. Who is a believer?
2. How do we serve him?
3. When do we serve him?
4. Why do we serve him?

II. God desires for people to hear the message.
1. The content of the message.
2. The complexity of the message.
3. The core of the message.

III. God desires for people to know him.
1. The reprobate.
2. The good old boy.
3. The saint.

If you want to fill in the spaces, come see me, I’d be glad to finish the sermon.

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