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Certainly we are being rather local, but our hope is that the thoughts that develop and find their way to the new blog will be inspiring to everyone. I'm speaking of a new project developed by the ministers of our small town. The major project is to be a devotional booklet that will be available to any who want it. Plans are in the work to publish the booklet for distribution in November. It will be entitled 30 Days of Thanksgiving. The desire is to gather short devotional thoughts that will be inspirational and Christian in nature and focus on the local flavor of our community. My hope is that beyond the local appeal there might be others who will be inspired by the selections in the book.

The outcropping of that idea is to have an on-going devotional blog. The blog has an address -- Mulberry Moments. We will officially be accepting submissions from our congregants starting Easter, and collecting submissions for the booklet through the end of May. Other submissions will come to the local pastors of Mulberry Grove who will have opportunity to post them on the weblog. I hope in the next few weeks to have examples of what we are looking for posted on the blog.

If you live in and around Mulberry Grove, IL, I would invite you to begin preparing a submission to give to one of the local pastors. If you live outside our area, I invite you to check out the blog and/or the upcoming devotional, offer critique that would be helpful in our endeavor, and pray with us as we see where this project leads us.

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