Daylight Savings(?) Time  

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It's here -- and I'm so proud to be saving daylight. I don't understand (of course, I wasn't around to ask) how we are really saving any time. The sun will shine longer during the spring and summer whether I change my clock or not. But here I go changing my clocks again.

I think that it wouldn't be so bad if I weren't the pastor of a church and Congress hadn't decided to make the move over a Saturday night. This throws people off a little and they miss church because of it.

I guess I'll adjust again. I just wish that, since we're saving daylight, we could earn a little interest to apply to the winter months. Isn't that how savings is supposed to work?

What about you? DST, love it, hate it, wouldn't want to be it? Share your thoughts.

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Hate it.

9:33 AM

Me, I think we should choose to stay one way year round and stick with it. :)

10:20 PM

Great post.
I hate it too.
I am still not use to it!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:35 PM

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