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Some years ago, I was introduced to clowning ministry. I was told as I developed my alter ego that he should have a name. By the end of the session, everyone had a name but me. My response: “I’m not sure yet.” And it stuck. It also became a part of my work as a clown — I can’t be sure about anything, but people can be sure of something. Jesus loves you!

It works, and works well with children (when they’re not afraid of clowns).

How about you? Are there creative ways that you’ve used to be awitness for Christ?

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Eim Notshur Yett,

Glad to meet you!

I was Buttons, to my Mother's Bows, and we had the Gospel story in colors. Her bows and my buttons symbolized black, red, white, green, and gold.

We had mostly failed attempts to minister. One was a white baloon in a red one in a black one, and you were to pop the black, showing the blood of Christ, and then pop the red to show that you became white as snow. We could never get the black one to pop without popping the others. Oh well!

I have tried to work in my juggling, but without much luck.


9:28 PM

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