Thanksvember: Day 29 - Peace  

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(Advent Preview 4)


When you hear the word, the image that comes to mind is often of the long-haired hippie in rosy-colored glasses raising his hand up with a two-fingered 'V' saying, "Peace! Baby." Or with a new vigor for it, you may think of the broken cross symbol that some people claim means peace.

But for me, my mind races back to those days when I see one of my children as a round-headed, bald-pated infant sleeping on their pillow, a soft smile touching their tiny lips.


Another of those inner springs that well up not because of circumstance, but often in spite of it. In the midst of an embattled war zone - peace. At the end of a crime-ridden alleyway - peace. On the long dark ride from the chapel to the graveside - peace.


It happens in that moment of overpowering triumph and it envelopes the sense of query that accompanies the times we cannot control. This is because in order to have peace, one must relinquish control to someone else. And if you really want to find peace, I would suggest that you relinquish your control to the One who alone has control--Jesus Christ. And because of Him I am thankful for . . .


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