Thanksvember: Day 5 - Books  

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I have finally been forced to admit it, I'm bookish. I know it isn't cool, and I tried for so many years to cover it up and look cool, but I am . . . bookish that is. I like books. I like to go to used bookstores and paperback re-sellers just to look at the worn spines and smell the aroma of books.

I like to obtain and read first editions. I really enjoy the feel of a nice hardcover (with the dust cover intact and in place) as I sit down to enjoy the pages.

I revel in a trip to the library to see if anything catches my eye.

And I'll go so far as to say that the ebook revolution has not found me wanting. I can get a book for a fraction of the paper version's cover price and not have to extend my already groaning bookshelf space. I like books because of the efficient way of arranging and presenting material. So, for books I am thankful.

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