Thanksvember: Day 16 - Godly Parents  

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Just because my daddy was a preacher doesn't necessarily mean that he is a godly man. But because his greatest concern is to share the love of Jesus Christ with those around him does. I would have to say, though that the most godly (godliest?) person I know is not my preacher father, but his wife--my mother.

It was my mom who prodded me just a little more when she knew that the Holy Spirit was dealing with me. It was my mom who called me on it when I was a little less than respectful to the Savior. It was my mom who loved me with a love of Jesus that made Him real to me.

Now I don't want to discount my dad's influence either because establishing a godly home requires teamwork. And my parents are a wonderful team when it comes to being an example of godly character. So much was their influence that the four adults who were blessed by a childhood in the home of Tom & Jane Potter are all living their faith without apology and with wreckless abandon wherever they are. 

Do you want to note godly parents? Check their adult children. I am thankful for godly parents - every day.

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