Thanksvember: Day 13 - Technology  

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I am not a techno-geek. I admit that I am fascinated by all the new gadgets that hit the scene almost daily. But I don't have to have it all. Even so, I am thankful for the advances in technology that we can enjoy today. The ability to talk via the Internet with virtually anyone in the world instantly is amazing.

I like to have use of my computer and my cell phone. I'm glad that both of these advances are getting small enough to keep on my person at all times. Yes, there are some items that I haven't gotten yet that I'm looking forward to acquiring (usually 6 months to 2 years after the rest of the country has already mastered their use) such as a smart phone and a tablet computer. But until that day, I'll be thankful for the technology I do have - e-books, text-messaging, email, and the list goes on.

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