Thanksvember: Day 17 - Sibliings  

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Not everyone can boast of the best brothers and sister in the world. But of course everyone is not me. One of the greatest blessings in my life is the joy of growing  up with two brothers and a sister who are all special in their own way. I will never have the ability to understand the life of an only child (which may be a blessing for them) because I've never been one. I'm the third of four.

I have a big brother who has always been practical and protective of his younger siblings.
I have a sister who (aside from the time she wanted to give me away because there was a new baby in the house and she was "finished with Benjie") has always understood and loved me.
I have a younger brother who has always been good to listen and (when we were young) play the games I suggested.

In their own right, each of them has grown to be a person of deeper faith; marrying God-loving Christ followers which allows for their own homes to be filled with the same kind of influence in which we were all reared. What a great blessing to have such siblings. I am thankful.

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