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I am admittedly eclectic, if not eccentric, in my taste in music. Consequently, when I build my Pandora Radio I add a little bit of everything--hymns to easy-listening, classic rock to classic Jesus, country to western, and lots of stuff in between. In the mornings, as we prepare for the day, I tune in to Pandora and hit shuffle. I must say that sometimes the shuffle gets stuck in a loop and I hear several songs or similar songs in a row, but there are other days when an old forgotten favorite from the glory years will hit the ears and start me singing. And from time to time, with my hands plunged deep with the soapy breakfast dishes, I'll be struck by the movement from song to song on my Pandora Playlist shuffle.

This morning as I went about my post-breakfast business (the kids and Blushing Bride preparing for school, I hit the sink and from the morning's feast) a back-to-back coupling struck me. The first song includes these lines: "Never been a sinner I never sinned/I got a friend in Jesus" was followed on its heels with this rebuttal, "All my life I had been searching for that crazy missing part."

I really like Norman Greenbaum's hit from yesteryear. It has a groovy beat, and you can sing along. It hits hard though when you begin to realize that the philosophy of "Spirit in the Sky" is being bought by millions of Americans. We like to think that "in the morning when I die, I'm going up to the Spirit in the Sky." Even church people jump on this bandwagon. We especially like it when we get to throw the name of Jesus into a song. That kind of makes it holy doesn't it?

But I think that Keith Green's classic holds more truth. It admits to the sinful nature of who we are as human beings, and revels in the understanding that Jesus (the You in "Your Love Broke Through") provides the only means to life--here or hereafter.

Sadly, our culture lends itself to a feel good mentality that refuses to admit sinfulness. And until we can reach that admission, we're doomed in our spirit to an eternity opposite the "Spirit in the Sky." Why don't you take a moment to consider your condition? Do you know Jesus personally as the provider of your life? Or is he just a "friend" who makes you feel good about yourself? It's a tough question. And it requires resolution if you really do have a friend in him or if you're just singing along with a catchy tune.

Will I stop shuffling some of the oldies through with my hymns and praise songs? Probably not, but I will latch onto the message of the meaningful songs instead of the ones that just make me feel good.

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