Thanksvember: Day 8 - President  

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[Note: I probably should have written this post before any election results were in, but I didn't. So all of those readers who want to read into what is said, will do so. But it is our month for giving thanks and we ought to be thankful for all things. (Note over)]

At the risk of losing ground with my disgruntled friends, I am thankful for my president. I believe that regardless of the placement of my tik on the ballot on Tuesday, the person elected as president is the president of my country. I'm thankful, in the first place, that someone is willing to accept the responsibility that rests on the shoulders of the president. I know that's not a job I would relish. I am sure that he will do what he sees as the best for the country when voicing decisions and making influential statements during the next days. I am positive that there will be multitudes who will support him and a comparable number of people who disagree with those very same issues. Even so, I am thankful that we have a president, that we were able to participate in the selection of him, and that we will do it again four years from now.

Because I am thankful, I will pray for Barack Obama. Not that he will do only that with which I agree, but that he will be the leader that God has designated him to be. Of this last, I know God will honor my prayer, and so, once again: I am thankful.

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