Oh no! You say--here comes another eating post. Okay, guilty. But today, Thanksgiving Day, has become for Americans a day of excess and gluttony. We say we are thankful and then we eat ourselves into oblivion. We eat big and then we snack the rest of the day.

In the midst of our eating we become drowsy and begin to nod in front of the big football game. (To nod but not to snore.) Who is the culprit for this uninvited sleepiness? We have come to place all the guilt at the feet of the Thanksgiving Turkey and his modicum of tryptophan. Truth be told, no more of this ingredient (which our bodies need in small amounts) that is in this holiday delicacy, we would have to eat more than one whole turkey (by ourselves) in one sitting in order for it to cause the sleepiness that overcomes us. I imagine that the culprit lies in the decision not to stop with just three helpings of everything plus a sampling of all five kinds of desert.

Even so, I like me some Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. And I'll eat me some Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. And I'll be thankful for Turkey (Tryptophan and all) on Thanksgiving Day. And in the mean time I'll force myself to moderate so that I can spend less time eating and more time being Thankful on Thanksgiving Day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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