The World's Ugliest Woman and Other Names  

Posted by Benjie

Some years ago, the conversation turned to names. Since it was a bunch of guys talking, we certainly had to talk about girls. It was brought up that no one had ever known an ugly Jennifer, or Barbara, or Emily. We also took it upon ourselves to think what might be the name of the world's ugliest woman. The name that won the evening was Scabbatha Girch. Over the years we came up with an entire Girch extended family--all decidedly ugly by the sound of their pitiful names.

In much the same way, we who bear the name of Christ are the ones who help others determine what He looks like. Have our friends, family, and acquaintances determined that Christ is exclusivist, intolerant, judgmental? Have we turned Him into the Scabbatha Girch of the earth, or does his real beauty shine through inspite of our pettiness?

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Fun post with a great message. Not always easy to do!

How about Gertha?

I just updated and linked to your site in my post today.

8:49 AM


Thanks for visiting--you're always welcome. I'd have to ask my brother about some of the names we came up with--there was an entire extended family.

None were related to Ebzzd Curfaine though. He was the fictional character that we almost got elected to student body president one year.

9:04 AM

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