One House You'll Want to Visit  

Posted by Benjie

Here's a book that, if you enjoy good fiction, will turn your head. Two of America's top Christian fiction authors team up to provide twists, turns, suspense, and reading enjoyment. There are times when, as you read, you know you're reading Peretti, and other times that it is definitely the work of Dekker. Then there are moments that you lose yourself in the narrative to the point of no concern for the writer--you're too busy worrying over the characters' well-being.

At times House is predictable, but there are some twisting elements that make it worth your while. From each of the authors, I still think there is better work on the market. For Peretti, I'd choose The Oath, although Monster was a pretty good read. From Dekker, check out Thr3e--you'll never regret it.

Whatever you decide, decide to read a little for relaxation. Let your mind build the pictures and your imagination run wild.

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