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About two weeks ago, my eyeglasses fell apart in my hand. They were my first bi-focal prescription and I had only had them a year. The frames broke apart without provocation of any kind. The nature of the break brought the diagnosis that the frames could not be fixed. At the place where I bought the glasses in the first place, they wanted to sell me new frams and mount the old lenses in them.

The decision: If I have to buy new frames, and it's time to have my eyes checked anyway, go to the eye doctor and have a new prescription (if necessary) filled.

The diagnosis: Your vision prescription hasn't changed much at all, but your reading bi-focal should be changed. We ordered new glasses.

I had been wearing my old (bi-focal-less) prescription and straining to read--books, newspapers, even the scriptures (in the pulpit no less). I had to re-do my sermon notes in giant print so as not to lose track of what I was saying and chase rabbits more than normal.

Yesterday I received a call: Your glasses are in. I no sooner placed the new spectacles on my nose than my eyes began to relax. I can read, I can see, and all without eye-strain. I am so thankful for new spectacles!

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