What’s in a Name?  

Posted by Benjie

This is as good a time as any to explain the name of this blog as well as the publisher of my books to date. Loom & Wheel is actually me. I devised the name considering my background. My father, Thomas Potter, married my mother, Jane Weaver, and they started a family. When I decided to self-publish my first book, I wanted the name of the publisher (that is me) to reflect who I was/am. And so I asked, “What’s in a name?” or more specifically, “What’s in my name?” I decided to take the tools of my ancestors’ respective trades to symbolize who I am—thus the weaver’s Loom & the potter’s Wheel.

In the same realm (naming, that is), I hope that Loom & Wheel describes who I am. Both are tools of artisans who fashion useful and sometimes decorative objects for the household. My prayer is that I may be used as a tool on which to create useful and sometimes decorative works that will be acceptable for those around me.

What is in a name? More to come . . .

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That sounds neat. I like it.

5:06 PM

Tim, Thanks for stopping by.

9:29 PM

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