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Posted by Benjie

Since I'm new to blogging, and still learning, perhaps I'm not the best source for talking about change. But here it is. Some of you who have been reading will notice that there have been some minor changes to the look of the blog. I've signed on to the beta version of the Blogger-Google joint effort. It's made my own blogging easier and given me a little more freedom in how the page looks (I'm still a babe in arms when it comes to web technology). Hope you like the new look.

The point here is that change is not necessarily bad. It's not always good, but we ought not be afraid of it. One person has said that the only person who likes change is a wet baby. Have we been guilty of fighting change for some reason? I think that we ought to examine proposed changes--life, home, church--and see if there is merit. Don't disregard change just because it's different from what you know.

How do you feel about change? New things?

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I like the new look and the added capabilities. Unfortunately, they are not offering me the option of changing over to beta Blogger yet.

I also have just looked at your church web page. I like it; it is well-designed. I was also impressed with your Kids' Ark program. I have never heard of a weekly after school church program for kids before. Sounds like a great ministry.

6:17 PM

Thanks, Tim. I'll pass the kudos on to my associate--he's the main reason the website looks so nice.

The Kid's Ark program was established long before I came as pastor of the church. It's going well. We have K-6 children after school on Tuesdays for about an hour and one half's worth of Christian videos, songs, stories, and snacks. It's been going really well this year.

8:13 PM

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