Thanksvember Day 25  

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The Blushing Bride spelunking in NW Arkansas August 2011
#25: I'm thankful for my Blushing Bride

If this is so important, one might ask, why didn't it come up earlier in the month? Well for a special reason--today is the 11th anniversary of the day that we stood before our fathers, a company of others, and our Creator to pledge our love and troth to one another. Yep, today's my freedom day--free from the tyranny of wanting to find the right woman, and freedom to love her as Christ loved the church.

Just to let you know, here's why I'm thankful that she said, "I do" back in 2000:

  • She's my lovely
  • She's delightful
  • She's a great mother
  • She treats me like a king
  • She laughs at my jokes
  • She cooks for me 
  • She looks good in a dress or in pants
  • She's a good kisser
So, for all these reasons and a million (or so) more, I am thankful.

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