Thanksvember Day 23  

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#23: I am thankful for providence.

I don't know what else to call it--those times when for whatever reason you find everything falling into its proper place. Today (I'm writing this on Tuesday night), I needed to go to the big city to pray with a church member as she went in to surgery. I did not know when the surgery was. I did know that it was at one of the larger hospital complexes. So I decided to take a chance--if I missed praying with the patient before the surgery, I'd just find the family in the surgical waiting room and put in my pastoral appearance (I also had to get back to the village for our after school program--I was on schedule to do a Thanksgiving devotion this afternoon).

I arrived at the hospital, and as I was headed to the Information station to see if she was in surgery, recovery, or what, and looked to my right. There she sat with her daughter. The docs had postponed her procedure until early afternoon, she had about fifteen minutes before heading up to pre-op. I was able to visit a minute or two, pray with her before the procedure, and still make it home in time for the devotional. Thank you, Lord, for staying in control.

For this I am thankful.

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