Thanksvember Day 7  

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#7: I am thankful for senses.

You have five of them: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Barring accident or handicap that's how many I have too. I know, I know if I were paying attention, I'd take five days and focus on each one--check with me at the end of the month and see if I should have done. But, there I've started and there I'll stay. I'm thankful for my senses--all five of them.

Taste--(see my post here).

Touch--I'm thankful that I can feel my babies' hugs. My Blushing Bride's hand when she touches mine. I can feel all those "fives" that the children from church give and give and give.

Smell--the aroma of bread baking, or bacon sizzling, or coffee brewing in the morning. Sometimes this sense is not so much of a blessing (especially when I've stepped in something that I'd just as soon not have stepped in), but even then it is nice to know that something has happened that needs to be addressed.

Hearing--daily I hear my Bride declare her love for me, my children offer their own love for me. Even better, just yesterday when Bubba made supper (oven-baked fried chicken--which made me thankful for my sense of taste, I'll tell you), Little Bit said, "Good job, Bubba!" It's always nice to hear them compliment and love on one another.

Sight--the fact that mine is so bad makes me thankful for the bit that I have. I'm thankful that I can see colors and friend and nature and buildings and words on a page to read and read and read. I'm doubly thankful for my eye doctor who keeps my prescription up-to-date so that I can see all those things.

I've five--and I'm thankful.

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