Thanksvember Day 11  

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#11: I am thankful for our veterans.

Some days are easier than others. Because today is Veteran's Day it is just natural that I would be thankful for veterans (past, present and future).

I'm thankful for the American Vets of the past because they taught us that freedom was something worth fighting for, worth standing for, worth living and even dying for.They gave us principles--do the words "taxation without representation" mean anything to you? Later vets continued to defend freedom and to keep our country safe from invaders who would seek to remove from us the freedoms that had already been bought at an extremely high price.

Present vets are those who have retired from military service, but are still around for us to thank. Most served in battles like Viet Nam, and Desert Storm. Some may have even seen action in Korea (dare we reach all the way back to WWII--the Great War--or to WWI--the War to End All Wars). When you see them on the street, in the store, or at church this weekend, be sure to give them a hearty thank you for their service.

And let's not forget those who are currently serving our country--stateside, or deployed in places like Germany, Afghanistan, or elsewhere across the globe. You may know someone who's in one of our fine branches of the military so that you don't have to serve--thank 'em. You may be related (or perhaps even MARRIED) to one of these heroes (generic term)--thank 'em. You may not personally know anyone who is military, but when you see one as you travel around (you can usually point them out--they'll be the one in uniform) thank 'em. They don't get to be appreciated nearly as much as they ought.

Thanks Taylor, David, David, Beau and Jamie (some are present friends, others are former students, all are modern-day heroes).

I'm thankful for our Veterans.

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