Thanksvember Day 30  

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On this final day of Thanksvember, I have decided to save the very best for the climactic moment:

#30: I am thankful for LIFE in Jesus Christ.

At the ripe old age of six years, having lived all my life in the home of a Baptist minister, I said, "Yes," to Jesus Christ. Why? because I am a sinner, falling short of God's design for my life. The only way, according to Scripture, for me to "make the grade" was to accept the payment Christ made on the Cross some 2000 years ago. And so I did. I've learned that I cannot be good enough, work hard enough, or pay dearly enough to earn the Life that is available simply by accepting the substitutionary payment Jesus made on the Cross.

The payment is sufficient for a couple of reasons: Jesus was not marred by the sin that corrupts the lives of all other humans. Secondly, Jesus was not defeated by that execution. Instead He rose again conquering Death for all of time and eternity. The way to this salvation? Through Him (for a more detailed description of how to have this LIFE, click here). I would love for you to say, "Yes," to my Jesus today.

For this I am fully thankful.

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