Thanksvember Day 10  

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#10: I am thankful for Mulligans.

For those who are not part of the golf scene, a Mulligan is a "do-over". Don't ask me all the rules about Mulligans, when I discovered them as a novice golfer (which I never went beyond), I thought I'd apply them to all those bad shots I had. Truthfully, I think you are allowed one per round (not one per hole, like I used to play).

Why am I thankful? Not because of the golf industry--I haven't played a hole, let alone a round in over 10 years--but because of the principle. Sometimes I mess up, hit the ball at a really bad angle, and make a big mistake. It's nice during those times to know that, once in a while, I'm afforded a "do-over." An opportunity to tee up again and take another try. Those opportunities don't come with every mistake or obstacle, but every so often I find that I'm back at the starting point ready to try again. This time I get to take my time, adjust my stance, and follow through properly.

And for this, I am thankful.

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