Thanksvember Day 29  

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We're almost at the end of the month and I have two important posts (today's and tomorrow's), so you'll want to read these for sure.

#29: I am thankful for friends.

We've done the "family" thing, and the "church" thing, and all the different "things" things--now I want to get down to business. Today we're talking about friendship--not the Facebook kind (my page says I have over 850 friends, and I love you all, I really do), nor are we talking about those acquaintances who you're nice to or polite with when you pass them on the street (although I'll be meeting with a group of these in just a few minutes). No, today we're talking about those friends who are really friends. The brothers/sisters that you get to choose (because your parents didn't let you choose the ones you like when they came home with that one from the pound hospital). These are the people who meet your soul and know you. The ones who pick up where you left off a dozen years ago. The ones you know you can count on when you really need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend, or a sage voice to advise you. You can probably count them on less than a handful of fingers--these people who are that kind of friend. One of mine has gone on to his reward. He was not only a friend but a mentor, a hero, and an inspiration to me. We called him Brother Bill.

Another is Jeff. He lives on the other side of the world. We really get in contact about once every five to seven years--besides Christmas cards and email. Even so, when we do see one another it is like I've found a missing coin--Knowing him enriches my life. Do you have a friend like this? Be thankful, let them know, and give them a "kudos" for being a friend right here in the comments section. Details aren't required, just a "shout out." Because I'd like to know who you're thinking about and being thankful for as your real friend. And together we can be . . .


(and now for the obligatory sappy song that you knew was coming today:)

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