Thanksvember Day 13  

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#13: I'm thankful for mentors.

Those people who invest their time and their lives to help you become a better you. The best of these are mentors unaware. Aside from my real-life Dad (who is one of my constant mentors even today), my two best mentors and heroes in both ministry and faith have gone on to be with our Savior. I'll name them here: CT Perkins and W. A. "Bill" Solesbee. Neither of these men would take credit for molding me into the person I am today (or maybe they would rather not take the blame), but their unassuming commitment to faith and to sharing Jesus--the time they spent with me when I was still a student--continues to challenge me today to be a better me for the Glory of God.

If you have mentors--thank them. If you see others who need one on one time to be more than they are--mentor them.

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