Thanksvember Day 14  

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#14: I am thankful for the weather.

While we lived overseas, we were exposed to some British Children's television that we can't get here in the 'States. One particular program had a weather song:

When the sun comes out, it shines on everyone
When the sun comes out, it shines on everyone
When the sun comes out, we'll all have lots of fun
'Cause the sun is part of the weather.
There was a verse about the wind and the clouds and the rain and the thunder--it was a really fun song (wish I could have found a video to post here). Well, we've been having the wind here, and I'm glad because the wind helps the world to move on to the next thing. I like the rain; it washes everything clean. I like the snow--so fun to play in (and the snow cream from the first snow of the season: YUM!). I like the sunshine. And believe it or not I like the thunder--it reminds me of God's power as well as gives me an opportunity to have the little ones crawl up in my lap to snuggle for safety.

I love the weather--with all its variety. And for it I am thankful.

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