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As a seminary student, I had the privilege of serving on staff at Edgemont Park Baptist Church in Mesquite, Texas. One of the deacons was my good friend--he didn't necessarily mean to be, but he was. Periodically, I would reach into my suit jacket pocket (the decorative ones on the side of the jacket), and discover a twenty dollar bill there. The first time or two I was oblivious, and then one Sunday, I caught him. I felt the tug on my coat, and looked over my shoulder in time to see him with a sheepish, guilty grin.

He was also ready with sage advice--whether he agreed with you or not (and he had no qualms in letting you know he disagreed--but he did this agreeably), he loved you and you knew it. His love for the pastors and staff of his local church was simply an extension of his love for Jesus.

I learned today that he's gone to his reward. He will be missed. My heart aches with the memory and with the knowledge that some new Youth Guy won't have that touch and wisdom to bless him. Good-bye Doug Hendrix, you will be missed. Welcome to an eternity with your Savior.

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