Thanksvember Day 17  

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#17: I am thankful for new life.

Yesterday, I had another pastor opportunity. One of the couples of my church became grandparents for the first time late on Tuesday evening. Naturally, I needed to make a trip to St. Louis to see the new boy. I got pictures to prove that I was indeed there, and I was again reminded of how precious, delicate, and promising new life is.

What a special memory his birth will bring, too. On Tuesday, we had the home-going celebration for this young mother's aunt (a 2-year battle with cancer). As the family gathered at our church for a meal after the graveside, one cousin (also expecting) left the hall with her family in tow (her little girl was born early on Wednesday morning--2:00). At that same moment, our deacon's wife was on the phone with her son-in-law with the understanding that they were on the way to the hospital. God, even as he welcomed one home, was giving to this extended family two bundles of joy! And life is a good thing.

Enjoy this new chapter Tiffany and Trevor. Count all the joy that your new little boy will bring. Thanks for letting me meet him.

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