Christmas Music  

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What's your favorite Christmas song? Do you have a favorite album? I am so enamoured of the whole season that I jump back and forth between which song or album I enjoy most. Usually it is the CD that's in the player right now.

Several years ago, I picked up Rebecca St. James' Christmas album, and just love it. Her rendition of "So This Is Christmas" always gets me in the spirit of the holiday.

I also am a fan of Manheim Steamroller whose techno-strings have endeared Christmas music to thousands of American hearts. I particularly enjoy their version of "Carol of the Bells".

Each year I try to purchase at least one new Christmas album. Sometimes I go for the old standards like Bing Crosby or Perry Como, at others I opt for the newest holiday offering by the hottest Christian artist. Often I'm in the mood for some soft instrumental selections. Maybe this year I'll go for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra--they know how to do Christmas music.

Listen to Christmas music this year. Whether you're one of those who thinks you should wait until after Thanksgiving (we're there now) to listen to the holiday tunes and then put them away at midnight on Christmas night, or someone who thinks that Christmas tunes are appropriate year-round, get in the spirit. Play some Christmas tunes on the radio, on the stereo, on the ipod. Go ahead, sing along -- So this is Christmas . . .

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