Thanksgiving – A Religious Holiday?  

Posted by Benjie

We are told that the early settlers to America enjoyed a harvest feast that they shared with natives who lived nearby, that everyone contributed some of their own bounty to the occasion, and that the banquet was one which set the standard for our groaning tables filled with rich blessings from our larder.

We are given the impression that even presidents have referenced the Creator when establishing Thanksgiving as a holiday. (See Danny Sims' excellent work on this subject.) While all of America pauses to give thanks on Thursday, the question arises—is it really a religious holiday?

If so, then why do people who are not religious celebrate it?

If not, then why do we acknowledge God as we gather with family?

If religious, why do only the Americans offer thanks (Canadians have set aside a day in October for giving thanks)? Why not all religious people in the world?

What do you think? Is thanksgiving a religious observance? Or is it just a great time to take another long weekend, start Christmas shopping, enjoy a feast fit for royalty, and relax with a parade or game?

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