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And now I feel really old. Some fifteen years ago (or so) I was serving as a youth minister at a church. At a national youth ministers' conference I was privileged to sit in on a session which included a panel of teenagers. The youth guys in the room were allowed to ask these teens anything they wanted. Always the hot topic, music came up. When asked what they felt about music--what to listen to/not to listen to--one seventeen-year-old preacher's kid said, "My friends and I like to listen to classic rock. You know, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, those guys." The poser of the question returned, "I guess we shouldn't fault you, we listened to that as well." My response--whether spoken aloud, murmured under my breath, or simply thought (I don't remember)--was, "Yeah, but when we listened to it it wasn't called 'classic!'"
I was revisited with this today when I was sitting in a fast food joint with two of my kids. The radio station piped in for our dining pleasure claimed that it was a "Classic Rock" station. It even bore the classic station call letters (unless my ears deceived me), WKRP. What really got my attention was that the first song I heard was "Money for Nothing," a song that hit the charts as I was finishing college (1985).
If I felt old fifteen years ago when my music was considered classic rock, I am reminded that now I am old (or is that "classic"?). How long does it take a person to become as old as his music? I know that my parents used to be old, when they were in their late forties or early fifties. Now that I'm approaching that age and my parents are pushing 70, they aren't that old. How about you, are you old? Is your music classic?

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