Purity for Your Marriage’s Sake  

Posted by Benjie

When the world tells us that it is normal, natural, and even desirable to engage in promiscuous living, is it any wonder that we live in a society set on its edge with AIDS, venereal disease, unwanted pregnancy and divorce? Our young people—even those in our churches—do not understand that marriage is sacred because of the societal shouting and the church’s silence. Let us no longer be silent. Marriage is one man with one woman for life without looking elsewhere. To keep marriage pure, we must remain faithful to our spouse, both before and after the wedding ceremony. What the Bible says is normal, natural and even desirable leads us to clean living and permanent love. Hold out for the best.

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Amen Brother!!!! I appreciate your holding out the truth!!!

3:34 AM

I wish more people would look at it like this, our world would be so much better if they did.

It is holding out for the best!

11:43 PM

Charley, Thanks for your support.

Lucy, Welcome. Come visit (and comment) any time.

10:39 AM

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