The Andromeda Strain -- A Review  

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I will admit that I haven't read this

Nor have I seen this

But the last two evenings my Blushing Bride and I have enjoyed this newer (mini series) version of Crichton's thriller. We decided to watch part 1 yesterday and were hooked. Benjamin Bratt puts in a stellar performance as Jeremy Stone (leader of the Wildfire team) that carries the mediocrity of the other members of the Wildfire team (Ricky Shroder still has his best work in Silver Spoons) as well as the lackluster presidential portrayal.

The writing keeps you on the edge of your seat even if the acting doesn't. Go ahead waste four hours with this one. You'll enjoy it.

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I read the book a long time ago. I'll have to look into getting the movie.

8:29 AM

I need something to waste away some of my summer days when school ends. This just may be the ticket.

5:55 PM

I saw part of that movie this weekend on A&E, and it looked interesting. I fell asleep though cuz I was tired, and it was a hard night.

Take Care!

7:50 AM

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