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Something Special & Other Stories

If you haven't seen it on Facebook, or heard it from somewhere else, we have dived into the arena of Adoption once again. As you know this process is long and expensive. We are hoping to make it shorter because it's our second time through. There's not much we can do about the expensive part though, except pray and fund-raise.

Here's my proposition to you my friends, family and readers. Let my work be your opportunity to help us with our fundraising efforts. There are a few on-line markets where you can buy my books (I'll link them below). If you will purchase any of my stories or books, all of the royalties I get from these books will be earmarked for our new adoption (once it's paid for, I'll probably find another worthy cause for these funds). These books provide minutes of reading pleasure and are excellent to give as gifts.

Something Special at Leonard's Inn: A Tale of the First Christmas: first paperback editions available by emailing me here, or by logging on to

Just a Simple Carpenter: The Story of Joseph: first paperback editions available by emailing me at the above email link.

Two for Christmas (the above titles together), A Time for Miracles: Retelling the Story of John the Baptist, and sermon collections - So This Is Church and Words to Live By are all available at

Something Special & Other Stories (A collection of the Leonard, Joseph, and John the Baptist stories re-edited and re-packaged) is available from Create Space and (both trade paper or ebook)

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