Thanksvember Day 5  

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#5 I am thankful for my family of progeny.

I love children. They're like real people only smaller.

There are three that mean more to me than all the others. For their protection on the Internet I'll call them Puddin' n Pie, Bubba, and Little Bit. When you have your children in your old age, they are much more of a blessing to you. What I love about them is that they generally do what is expected of them in public (if not at home), they are excelling in their education--especially reading skills, and they dole out the very best hugs, especially to Daddy.

They are my pride and joy, and I am thankful for Puddin' n Pie, for Bubba, and for Little Bit.

Bubba, Puddin' n Pie, & Little Bit (Carmi, IL)

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