Thanksvember Day 22  

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#22: I am thankful for telephones.

As much as I despise getting what I like to call "ear-spam" (I like to call it that because it has a high gross-out factor and I'm still a Junior High boy at heart)--you know, those telemarketers that keep calling all the time, often just at the moment you're trying to put your children to bed, even when you've put all your numbers on the national "do not call" list (run-on sentence over). Even with all that, I love telephones. I like rotary dial, pulse dial, digital dial, land lines, cordless phones, bag phones, mobile phones, cell phones . . . I like 'em. And here's why:

If we use them properly, we can talk to people who aren't in the same room--not even in the same zip code, or the same country(!)--as we are. And we can also receive news about a need to pray for, a happening event, or just catch up with old friends or family. If you're not trying to sell me something or plug a political candidate, if you have news to share (good or bad), give me a call.

For phones, I am thankful.

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