Thanksvember Day 26  

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#26: I am thankful for hugs.

Little Bit (my 5-year-old) came in this morning early, arms loaded with stuffed bears, and said, "I want to sit in your lap." She is one of the best huggers I know. And she's not stingy with them either. You need one? She's got one for you. It's okay, she'll make more.

We have some little ones at church who are good to hug the preacher's neck, too. And it always makes my day. Some are kind of shy about hugging, though, and that's all right, too. They'll usually pony up with a "five" for me.

When I pick up the kiddos from school, most of Little Bit's classmates are good with a high five for me, even if I'm not their pastor. Yep, I must say I love hugs (or high fives in a pinch).

And for this I'm thankful.

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