Thanksvember Day 2  

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#2: I am thankful for my church family.

While I have been "in" church all my life--even those developmental months before birth--in order to truly be part of the church family, I had to say "Yes" to the saving power of Jesus Christ. This I did as a six-year-old boy.

Being a preacher's son, I found myself in church and loved by church as a baby. Consequently, I learned to love the church--the bald-headed deacons, the blue-haired ladies in orthopedic oxfords, the "Brother Bens" with pockets full of Double Bubble and Jolly Rancher (every church had one in those days). And when we would move to another town, there was another church, much like the one we left behind.

When I became a Christian, I was no longer just an observer of church, but a part of it. Part of an extended family that expands each time your job or circumstances move you to another place. So, let me tell you about my local church. I am privileged to be the pastor of a most loving congregation.Not only do they care for me, but they care for me! In the month of October (which the greeting card companies have designated as "Pastor Appreciation Month"--I think they just wanted another reason to sell cards and gifts) my local church family has never been remiss in expressing their love to me and my family. From the hand-made gifts and cards offered by the younger Sunday school classes to the more substantial--gifts of money, books, cards, and food--each year I feel more and more appreciated. One year a group conspired to write and present before the church body a dramatic presentation of what a pastor does as a "Thank You" to their pastor. I cried.

The interesting thing about my place of service right now is that they don't just wait for October. I receive these gifts and expressions of appreciation every month. I am not in the perfect church--we'll wait until the end of days for all Christians to find their place there--but I am in a loving family. And I love them, too.

Thank you, First Baptist Church of Mulberry Grove, my congregation, my family.

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