The Gift of Giving  

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Ah, the presents! Like most of America, my family spent time around the tree on Christmas morning enjoying the avarice of the season. We ripped open packages, tossed pretty bows, took pictures of all the loot we’d scored for the holiday. We thanked and we gave, we gave and we took. And now, it is important to think back on Christmases of years gone by—what gifts meant most to us? Of the ones we received? Of the ones we gave?

Most precious, I believe are the unexpected, often simple gifts we receive. The example of gift-giving for Christmas is just that—simple and unexpected. Sadly, these are also the overlooked and discarded gifts as well. Think of the unexpected gifts—gold, frankincense, myrrh. Think of the most precious gift—Jesus. Have we overlooked those gifts from unexpected sources? Have we discarded the gift of life available to us? An even greater question is have we passed on the gift of love that we received through Jesus to those who need Him most?

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Of course I love receiving gifts probably as much as the next guy... but since having a wife and child, I think I'm just as excited when they open their gifts from me.

11:18 AM

Family does change some of the perspective. I've usually got the upperhand on surprising the wife, but this year somehow she outdid me.

1:23 PM

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