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This year we started a new Christmas tradition--we think we'll keep it. After the candlelight service at church we got the kids into their pajamas and ready for bed, then we took a drive to the town about ten miles away to look at Christmas lights. The kids enjoyed it, it was relaxing for Mom and Dad, and there were lots of "ooh! look!" and "Santa--Frosty--polar bear!" exclamations from the back of the mini-van.
Another tradition that we enjoy is the What God Wants for Christmas devotional nativity. This year we started about six weeks before Christmas and opened one of the "presents" in the kit. Tomorrow morning (Christmas Day) before opening our gifts to each other, we'll open the last box in the kit to discover "What God wants for Christmas."
It's the simple things that make life's traditions worth keeping.
Merry Christmas to all and may your traditions grow sweet as your days grow long.

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