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The paperback edition of Two for Christmas is available from the Loom & Wheel page at Lulu. (If you order today, it may even arrive by Christmas!)
This collection is the combination of two previous books written to answer some of the "what if" questions that arise from the Christmas story. This volume was published earlier this year in hardcover from Loom & Wheel. The second story includes a new chapter suggested by my brother after its original publication in 2000.

Something Special at Leonard's Inn is the first in this collection. It tells the story of an innkeeper who is embittered by living with a twenty-year-old tragedy that destroyed his friendship with a boyhood friend. Even so, this innkeeper has a soft spot for a young couple who look like vagrants as they come to Bethlehem for taxation and registration. Meet the innkeeper with Mary and Joseph; revel with the shepherds as they receive the message of Messiah and turn the town upside down looking for him; marvel with the innkeeper as he witnesses something special at his inn.

The story of Joseph is the background for Just a Simple Carpenter. Joseph learns of his new wife's faithlessness, but the dream of an angel changes his divorce plans. This simple man of the working class discovers a calling that goes way beyond his humble beginnings.

Order your copy today, don't delay.

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