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I’ve been tagged by Danny Sims. He wants to know my favorite Christmas songs. Some of the titles that follow are previously mentioned here. While it’s hard to narrow it down because there are always new ones cropping up—especially when you by new albums every year, the current fave’s (in no particular order) follow. What are your favorites?

“Silver Bells” – I like the cut Bing Crosby did with the help of Carole Richards, the counter-melody on the chorus is especially catchy.

“Carol of the Bells” – Manheim Steamroller has an excellent rendition of this standard made popular several years ago in an Asti Spumante commercial.

“Happy Christmas” – Mentioned previously as “So This Is Christmas” can be found on Rebecca St. James’ Christmas album. This one always lifts my Christmas spirits—it was always a staple when I was completing my teacher duties before Christmas break when I was a teacher.

“This Baby” – I’ve always enjoyed Steven Curtis Chapman, and his first Christmas album has some great cuts. This particular one is a really moving tribute to the One about whom the holiday revolves.

“Mary, Did You Know” – has been recorded by everyone from Kenny Rogers to the Imperials. I lean toward Mark Lowery’s version because he knows where the questions came from.

“A Strange Way to Save the World” – an old standby from 4Him, this song addresses the season from Joseph’s point of view. I tried this myself in the novella Just a Simple Carpenter (Loom & Wheel, 2000). It’s a great exercise in “what if . . .”

“Little Drummer Boy” – Who couldn’t love to sing “pa-rum-pum-pum-pum” at Christmastime? Again many people have recorded this one. I like the versions by 4Him and Jars of Clay.

Now I’m supposed to tag five others, so here goes: Jamie, Hannah, Charley, Tim, and Liz, consider yourselves tagged.

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Benjamin, I left a list on my Fingerprints blog. Sorry, I haven't visited much here of late. Life just has a way of getting so full.

5:19 AM

Busier and busier, especially with the holidays upon us.

7:15 AM

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